Happy to return to the stage!

Created on 28/09/2021 by An

Last Sunday I had my first real concert in months!! What a wonderful feeling it was to share emotions with a LIVE audience again and to hear a LIVE orchestra!!!

All this took place in the beautiful historic Kloster Eberbach, surrounded by vineyards and forests. While I was hanging around and visiting the abbaye, I found out the movie "In the name of the rose" was shot there. Sean Connery was there for weeks! 
After the concert I was just in time to catch the last ferry to transport me to the other side of the Rhein. Quite an adventure! 
I'm looking forward to the next concert where I will bring Casta Diva, among others, to the stage for the very first time. Please have a look at my agenda for this fall. 
For the latest information and pictures, see my facebook page. 
Hope to see you soon in one of my concerts! 

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